Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ’s, and if they don’t help, please send us a message

What is Kantoka Pro?

Kantoka Pro is an all-inclusive recruitment platform designed for the global cannabis industry. Our goal is to help create a thriving and successful industry through curated content, education, training, networking and community engagement.

How is Kantoka Pro different?

We’re a virtual recruitment platform where cannabis professionals and industry employers can connect with each other in a safe and secure environment.

Is my profile public?

No, your profile is not public. It can only be viewed by participating employers and recruiters that have been verified and registered on our site.

Who can see my profile?

You control the visibility of your profile on Kantoka Pro. Recruiters and headhunters can see whether you’re looking for work, without your current employer knowing. These controls, and more, are available right at your fingertips, with your privacy being our key concern.

Why can’t I see other industry professionals?

The purpose of our platform is to focus on YOU. This is one place you don’t have to worry about your competition or what other people are doing. So go ahead, show the cannabis industry the real you.

How do I delete my account?

To permanently delete your account, please contact us.

How do I contact someone at Kantoka Pro?

Please visit our Contact Us page.

How do I add bullets when creating my profile?

It couldn’t be easier! If you already have a resume ready to go in Word, simply copy and paste the bullet points over.

Who can I contact if I need help with my profile?

Kantoka Pro welcomes any queries through the contact form, and we will respond to you within 48 hours. Similarly, please check out our blog for some helpful tips on how to create your profile.

How do I get help building my profile?

As you build your profile, we provide tips for each section. You can also check out our Career Insights Blog (coming soon), which will provide you with additional tools and tips on resumes etc.

What if I have signed up, but have not received any communication from Kantoka Pro?

Our system is automated to send out messages to our members, so please check your Spam Folder and ensure that Kanoka communications are amongst your allowed senders.

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